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Paint Transfer

Paint transfer is one of the many problems figure collectors usually have to deal with. It usually involves cast-offtable figures and those with removable parts like action figure.

I was at RAGE! when I saw this on my nendo Fate, I’m sure anyone would be..

So enough with the rants and off to what I did to remove the stain…

So basically the RED paint from the cape came off and went to the underside of the head. I tried removing it with only water, but no luck. Then I tried using mild soap, still I cannot remove the paint.

So after many failed attempts, I finally opted to use alcohol, oh yeah I know its dangerous to use it in your figures so I made sure that I’ll just be using a little.

I wasn’t able to remove the RED paint completely but at least it doesn’t look as bad as before.

Fate isn’t happy with this incident, and says that she doesn’t want to wear the cape anymore.

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