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It’s been 2 years

This was supposed to be posted a month ago but due to me having no motivation in posting, it has become almost a month late. Basically, it has been 2 years of figure collecting for me. It felt like it was just a short time but was fun. My collection compared to others is rather small, that’s because I’m just a poor college student.

You can see my collection in MyFigureCollection

So, what are my plans from now on?

In my 2 years time of collecting, there have been many times wherein I thought of quitting, maybe because I wanted to spend my money on something else. However I did not quit or should I say, I wasn’t able to quit… XD

However, these past few days. The thought of quitting has come to mind again. And finally after long and careful thinking, I have decided that I should stop buying figures for now… And no, I’m not quitting yet. I just won’t be buying figures for a while maybe until I graduate from college. Do you think I can handle that?…

So you’re quitting in blogging also?

Well since I haven’t posted anything for almost two months, you might be thinking that I’m quitting on blogging. The answer is no, I will still continue this blog and wish to make it grow bigger. I’m just slacking off and even though there won’t be new figures for me I don’t think that’s enough reason for me to stop blogging.

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  1. October 14, 2010 at 8:07 pm

    What a coincidence I also started my figure collecting about two years ago. The expense associated with figure collecting really is one of its biggest detriments. I too think once in a while dropping this hobby but I have yet to do so.

    Still it is sensible to wait until after college when in theory you should be employed making buying figures more manageable.

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